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Aikido is a Japanese martial art. Its purpose is to resolve situations in the most non-damaging way to both the attacker and the attacked. Aikido uses the opponent's energy against him/her. It concentrates on the flow and the redirection of the aggressor's energy using the least amount of energy of the attacked. There is an emphasis on focus without tension. Some would say it is the only true martial art, because it focuses on submission with the least amount of harm. Some would also say it is one of the most difficult martial arts to master.

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Dux Ninjitsu

The purpose of this style lies in the development of self-character. Ninjitsu style trains in a manner that is suitable for street warfare and self-defense. This style trains, not only the body (strength), but also the spirit (tranquillity) and mind (wisdom).

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The term Jujitsu, translated as "ju" (gentle) and "jitsu" (technique), is an ancient Japanese martial art that incorporates yielding and using the opponent's energy to your advantage. This style includes joint locking or arresting techniques as well as forms of escape, throws, takedowns, and various defenses.

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USC Kung Fu

The USC Kung Fu club, started in the early 70's, has continued uninterrupted to today making it perhaps one of the oldest martial arts clubs on campus. The USC Kung Fu Club practices the style known as MY JONG LO HAN or "lost track." It originated inn northern China and is a combination of two distinct styles - MY JONG (to confuse or to lose track) and LO HAN (the Buddha). YIP YU TENG (1892-1962) synthesized this style. It involves stages of strength training, boxing, stretching, intricate footwork, and hand-to-hand combat tactics.


Shinkendo, "the way of the real sword," is a comprehensive form of traditional Japanese swordsmanship consisting of techniques and methods used by the samurai in ancient Japan.  This art involves learning how to quickly draw and cut with the katana (sword) from the sheath, techniques of cutting and parrying, solo forms (kata) and partnered sparring, as well as test-cutting through targets using a live blade.  Shinkendo is not a sport but an enriching martial art that focuses on practical and effective technique, strengthening the body, cultivating the mind and spirit, and overall developing strong and capable individuals.  The founder of Shinkendo, Obata Toshishiro, is one of the most renowned martial artists and swordsmen in the world today.

In addition to the technical curriculum, students can expect rigorous instruction in traditional etiquette, philosophy, strategy, and history.
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Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea. It emphasizes a physical, scientific rational behind every movement to make it as efficient as possible. The purpose of tae kwon do is to enable the individual to realize their full potential mentally and physically. As with most Korean styles, it is characterized by kicking and sparring.

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Karate in Japanese means "empty hand." This form of self-defense is one of the oldest and well-known forms of martial arts. It is the act of self-defense where the attacker is disabled by various techniques of powerful kicks, release holds, and punches.

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Massage and Tai Chi

USC Recreational Sports does not offer massage or tai chi. If you have interest in massage, please contact the Recreational Office (213.740-5127) for referrals.

Each semester, the available style of martial arts and leisure classes are based on interest, availability of a qualified instructor, and available space for the class.

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A general form of yoga may be offered through the USC Workout (aerobics and fitness) program.

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