Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports


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Check out the online registration system for intramural sports!


The IM Program is one of the most popular undergraduate and graduate student activities at USC with more than 9,600 participants. IM sports promote physical fitness and competition, social interaction, and student involvement. Here are the general "HOW TO" create an account for




Sign up as a team or individual. IM sports encourages groups and individuals to participate regardless of skill level. Check with your RA for the HICCup (Housing Intramural League). Find your Fraternity or Sorority Sports Rep and let them know that you are ready to be a part of the team!
How do I sign up?
For more information check wth flyers, policies and rules on the Rec Sports website. To register yourself and your team, go to IM to sign your team up!
Who is eligible?
IM tournaments and leagues are open to all students, faculty, staff and alumni of all skill levels.
What sports are available?
Flag Football. Ultimate frisbee. Basketball. Soccer. Volleyball. 3x3 Basketball. Tennis. Racquetball. Beach volleyball. Beach over-the-line. And more...
What league do I sign up for?
Leagues include All-University, Women’s, Coed, HICcup (residential housing), Fraternity and Sorority.