Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports




Rec Sports presents a wide variety of programs including intramurals, club sports, martial arts (both classes in specific styles and clubs for competition), officials/referees training and employment, and alumni programs (intramurals and certain club sports).


intramural dodgeball


Intramurals serve as on-campus leagues and tournaments. Intramurals are open to students, faculty and staff.


Intramural competitions between students, student organizations, fraternities, sororities, housing communities are available for many skills levels -- beginning, internediate, and advanced. 


Club Sports provide sports opportunities for those individuals who desire competition and focus in a particular sport, along with more structure (ie: coaching and regular practices). Some club sports are competitive, while others are less formal.


Most club sports allow staff, faculty, and alumni to participate, however each league the teams compete in determines the eligibility of its club sport members.


Martial Arts Consortium provides an diverse curriculum of various martial arts styles. This is a unique opportunity to try something new or to continue martial arts skill development in a familiar style.


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