Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports


a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit


Your overall wellness is important.  Rec Sports provides healthy opportunities for you to pursue a balanced lifestyle.  Wellness is not just the absence of illness-- it includes making choices that will maintain and improve good health. 


To maximize your overall well-being, USC Rec Sports’ program BeFit.BeWell offers programs that cover each of the eight areas of wellness:

  • Physical (including nutrition and fitness)
  • Occupational (how one occupies one's time) 

  • Emotional 

  • Environmental 

  • Spiritual 

  • Social (including one's community) 

  • Financial

  • Intellectual 


Our session topics include:

  • Stress Management
  • Money Management
  • Camping & Kitchen Safety
  •  Joint Pain

  • Group Hikes
  • Yoga at the Huntington Library
  • Earthquake Preparedness
  • Dating in the Modern World

Wellness Schedule

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For additional wellness information (for students, staff and faculty), check out the Healthy Trojan website - - and you will find a variety of health-related programs, resources, and services at USC that promote healthy lifestyle choices and help integrate and balance work, home and school life.


Engemann Student Health Center sponsors the Office of Wellness and Health Promotions In spring 2011,  the Office for Wellness and Health Promotion was asked to partner with other Student Affairs offices, as well as other departments on campus, to collaborate on wellness-related programming and messages.




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