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USC Outdoor Adventure Rental


We will now be opperating under the Membership
Services Full Service hours (please see below)

Any reservations and rentals may be made during these business hours only.
We appreciate your cooperation
--Membership Staff




Prepare for Spring Break and Coachella!!

Make your reservations as soon as possible before we are sold out.

Spring Break is March 17-22nd

***Equipment will be available for pickup beginning Thursday, March 13 and available for return on applicable return dates (please refer to rental form)***

Coachella is April 11-13th and 18-20th

***Note: Some camp grounds require plastic stakes, OAR will have them available for rental at the price of $2 for a pack of four stakes***

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday








We have camping gear, hiking backpacks, surfboards, and snorkeling gear. A wide variety of equipment for your next camping and outdoor adventure. Come make your reservations at the Lyon Center!


USC Recreational Sports ■ Lyon Recreational Center
1026 W. 34th Street ■ Los Angeles, CA 90007


For general information contact the front desk at USC Recreational Sports 




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