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Welcome to the new RecSports News listserv!  By signing up for this listserv, you will receive weekly updates on all activities and events at the Lyon Center and Recreational Sports.
To subscribe, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into the email account that you want to subscribe to the listserv.
  2. Send an email to

In the body of the email, write the following command:

SUBSCRIBE RECSPORTS-L  firstname  lastname

For example the body would read:  

  1. Make sure the command is not in the subject line of the email.  Also make sure there aren’t any email signatures in the email.  The listproc will interpret those as commands.
  2. If you subscribe successfully, you will receive an automated confirmation email with a subject line of: Listproc Command Confirmation. Conf-Cookie: XXX (XXX will be a long string of numbers).  To confirm your joining of the listserv, reply to that email with the Conf-Cookie: XXX in the subject line. The body will be blank this time.
  3. You're ready to receive emails from the Rec Sports list serv!

To unsubscribe:
Using the email account that you receive the listserv messages from, send to the command: UNSUBSCRIBE RECSPORTS-L

Rec Sports News provides weekly information for both UPC and HSC about facilities, programs, and other services. Updates. Schedules. News.

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