Recreational Sports
Recreational Sports


How can I get into the gym if I forgot or lost my ID?

Patrons who have forgotten their IDs can gain access into the LRC or HSC Fitness Center by following these procedures:


1st time: Look-up is free

2nd time: Look-up fee is $10

3rd and beyond: Member needs to buy a day pass for $15. 


This is semester based, so essentially everyone gets one free look-up per semester. 


If the patron has lost their ID, they need to report it to Department of Public Safety (DPS) who in turn will provide them with a letter in which they can bring to the gym along with a picture ID, to gain facility access.

When is the best time to work out?

To avoid long lines at the LRC and HSC Fitness Center, plan your workouts around peak hours and special events. There is also a new phone app that might help!

Peak Hours for the LRC are generally 4-10pm (M-F), and for the HSC Fitness Center: 5-7pm (M-F).

Weekends: the LRC and HSC Fitness Center are easily accessible throughout the day. Please check the hours of operation for both facilities.


Pools (UPC only): Rec Swim seems to be most crowded one hour before closing (on any given day). If the LRC pool is too crowded, try the PE pool- open 12-1 PM (M-F) and 5-6 PM (M-Th). This pool is less crowded especially in the evening. PE pool fee is $35/semester. 

Masters Swim- Group swimming workouts are run by a swim coach in a structured routine For more info:

Why isn’t there more equipment in the cardiovascular room?

Recently several upgrades have been made to the cardio and weight equipment at both UPC and HSC fitness centers.


Purchasing decisions are reviewed each year and priority is allocated based on need. Expenses for the facilities and equipment for which Recreational Sports is responsible are numerous, not to mention costly.


Equipment for both the UPC Lyon Recreation (LRC) Center and HSC Fitness Center is purchased as funding becomes available.

Why doesn't the McDonalds Pool have fast, medium, and slow lanes?

There are too many levels of swimmers for just three designations- we have everyone from Olympic athletes to beginners. If there are empty lanes, people will swim in them- regardless of the speed designation. We don't want to offend someone who may think they're a fast swimmer, but they're not the fastest in the pool.


If there are no empty lanes, then make a new friend and share a lane with someone who's around the same speed as you!


PED Indoor Pool Etiquette

  • Unless otherwise agreed to, lap swimming should be done in a circular pattern form when sharing lanes. This means, swimming down the right side of the lane at all times. 

  • When choosing a lane, it is best to choose a lane with swimmers who swim at your pace.

  • Facility will be closed on home football game days and special event days.

  • Return all borrowed or rented equipment (boards, paddles, etc.) after use.

  • Reserved lanes for Recreational Sports (water jogging and Masters Swim Program) and Athletic Events (posted times and events).

  • Appropriate swimming attire is required.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to the lifeguard(s) on duty or the Aquatics Director (213) 740-5127

  • Hours are subject to change without notice

Does the Health Sciences Campus have a fitness center?

Since Fall 2011, the HSC has had its own fitness center!


The HSC Fitness Center is located in the Soto Street Building (SSB) at 2001 Soto St. The facility is open to all USC students, faculty, and staff. The 10,000 foot fitness center is comprised primarily of Precor and Keiser cardiovascular and strength training exercise equipment, an outdoor basketball court, and two group exercise rooms.


For more information, click here.

How do I sign up for Intramural Sports?

Intramural Sports registration and deadline information can be found online at IMLeagues. Instructions on how to sign up can be found here. Completed entry forms must be submitted along with the respective entry fee prior to the entry deadline.


Those who do not have a team can sign up as Free Agents and may request to join teams looking for players.

How do I reserve a tennis or racquetball court at the LRC?

A racquetball court can be reserved by phone or in person at the Lyon Center Pro-Shop. Call (213)740-0786 to reserve a court. You can reserve a court up to 2 days in advance. Reservations are only 1 hour, 1 court, per day. Tennis courts for recreational use are on a first come, first served basis during daylight hours only. Marks Tennis Stadium is reserved for the USC Tennis Varsity teams. Courts are lighted in the evenings for Tennis Club only.


The HSC Fitness Center does not have raquetball or tennis courts. HSC Fitness Center has an outdoor lighted basketball court. 




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